Heavenly Sword Review [TQRetro Reviews]

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Heavenly Sword Review [TQRetro Reviews]

Game- Heavenly Sword
Elements Reviewed- Maingame
Reviewer- V8SuperCars

Well TQ's i thought it might be a neat idea to post up a retro review, with todays economic crises and cost of living, picking up new games at full price is not an option for many, however picking up a game in the pre-owned or $10 wheely bin is an option for most.

NOTE: My retro reviews is based on value for money on top of how the game plays, this will effect my review score.

Gameplay in Heavenly Sword is very nice, you control the characters movements with the left thumb stick the right thumb stick controls rolls and evades, square and triangle are pressed to do a standard attack by holding down the R1 or L1 and hitting square or triangle changes the sword hits from light to heavy attacks and in the heat of battle this work flawlessly, there are a tone of combos to learn and some are complexed, some very easy, but doing combos its eye candy as the detail that its shown on screen while doing combos is like watching a Japanese kung fu movie.
You play as 2 characters the second character is a joy to play with also, she hold a bow n arrow and shooting the arrow and holding down the button causes the screen to go in super slow mo and you can now control the arrow, this was entertaining from start to finish and something i enjoyed doing so much, its was just awesome shooting and arrow and guiding it across the map for a headshot or the very entertaining groin shot and watch them grab below in pain in super slow mo.
The game moves into real time sequences at points and you have to press the corresponding button to perform a move, something an old dreamcast game Shemue had and its used very well in this game.
you cannot control the camera angle in this game, its preset and i must say its great, im one to have full freedom of the camera but this like God of Wars 2 is setout with a good angle of the level and its set in such angle that you appreciate just how good the game looks.

This game has graphics to boot, its ultra sharp, ultra smooth, the art direction on the game is superb, waterfalls huge backdrops draw miles into the distance and planty of character on screen at once, at points in the game you will fight over 1000 enemies on screen, and the game engine handles it with ease,
Textures are super high and its easy to just sit there and stare at how beautiful this game looks, its on another level for graphics, and the fact this game come out almost 3 years ago says alot.
Character models are higher than anything i have ever seen for its time, while the game does have more of a bright vivid look to it the characters are so life like and move just as realistic as they look.
The game does suffer some slowdown but its only at cut scenes and i think this might be caused buy loading levels while the cut scene is playing? however its far a few and does not happen while in game play.

This game has a earth shacking effect set, the game has 10gigs of sound files all uncompressed audio and its show it in a big way, and just to give you an idea of this, a full blown xbox 360 game, fmv, sound, extra content, texture etc, fit on a dual layer DVD of 9gig, the sound on this game alone would not be possible on anything other than a PS3.
The voice acting is top notch and sucks you into the story very much.

Overall i think this is a super solid game while the game is short its as sweet as they come, the old saying is so true "short and sweet"
There is great boss fights, great players to control, awesome story and great levels to pass, finishing the game unlocks a hard mode and you can progress through the game again with tougher enemies.
This would be an easy 5 Michelas game for me if it had updated for trophy support or longer story mode, but regardless of this, it offers great value for money now, its a must have game thats a joy to finish and like myself you will be playing it again in the new unlocked mode.

Final Score- 4 of 5 Michelas
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Heavenly Sword Review [TQRetro Reviews] :: Comments

Post on Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:21 am by maggot

completly agree man, my biggest issue (well actullay my only issue pretty much) was the length of the game. I love the cinematic feel of this game. This is one game (right next to uncharted series) where i really love all the characters. Hell i think my favorite character in this game is the bad guy lol his hilarious Very Happy this is a must play for anyone who owns a ps3

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