inFamous PS3 Review

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inFamous PS3 Review

Review by TQ Host Desz.

An addicting new IP game that delivers in more ways than one, by using known video game ideas that worked, and mixing it up with new ones to make it a completely enjoyable PS3 exclusive game.

So before we get in to the TQ details, who is Cole? Cole is an everyday day guy that one day was delivering a package, but little did he know that the package was a ticking timed bomb ready to blow. Cole survives the explosion, but half of the city is now destroyed, people are getting sick from a plague, gangs are ruling the city, and Cole is now a totally different man, a man with unusual electrical powers. But what do you do with those powers? And why Cole?

Controls: Think of a human spider, yes Spiderman! You will be climbing many buildings, using electrical wires, trains, and railroad tracks as transportation. So, how does all this work? The games’ controls are fairly easy, and somewhat auto-adjusted for easier grabs, and jumps to buildings, or electrical wires, which can get annoying when you are trying to jump from one building to another and the jump goes no where, but the same place you started from. The game uses all PS3 controller buttons which has become unusual now a day. The button placements are perfect and easy to remember. Cole’s agility is superb, he can do flips sideways, backwards, forward, which give you full control of his movements and make it easier to counter attacks.

Graphics: The city is easily one of the best looking cities in a game to date, and the choice of colors, buildings, and structural material really shows off how an open world video game should be design. Climbing the very top of a high skyscraper and looking down at the city is a total natural high, literally. Character designs are just on point as the environments. You can easily distinguish the enemies from the normal everyday people around the city, and the main character Cole is detailed even when the camera moves to a close 3rd person view. Character movements and attacks look natural. Explosions, Fires, collisions, and Cole’s powers all look great. The game’s cut scenes are delivered via comic style clips that mix a dark Robert Rodriguez look to it. Although the game looks very good, there are several camera flaws and graphical issues that shouldn’t really affect the game play at all, but could get annoying some what. The enemies when killed and thrown in to the water seem to just be lying above the water, instead of floating. Some of the characters get stuck running in to buildings. Cole gets stuck between pillars or buildings at times.

Play this game on at least a 5.1 surround sound system, or some good 5.1 headsets, you will not be disappointed. All sounds in the game have very crisp sounds. The music is place perfectly in the game. When the game is just about to get in to a twist or big mission, the music really plays a huge role in building the suspense, not only because it is expected, but because it is some of the best suspense music ever heard in a game. The character voices are top notch. You can really picture the type of person the character really is, by the tone of voice and style that is spoken. Ride a moving train and hear the wind blow right by you.

Replay Value/Story: So Cole has these electrical powers, and his mission is to power the city back up after all electricity has been shutdown, and essentially clean up the city from street gangs that are obviously working for a head boss. You are equipped with a karma state meter, which plays a huge role, since your actions, and decisions affect you karma state and ultimately the deciding factor for the outcome of your destiny. Evil actions such as hurting pedestrians, or stealing give u evil Karma (red) good actions such as saving lives, and helping the police give you a good karma (blue). Will you be a good guy or a bad guy? Which ever side you take, Cole is searching for answers, and the biggest differences with evil or good choices are the type of powers you unlock. One of the best things about the game is the fact that it slowly teaches you it slowly introduces the new abilities and the powers through out the game which has you playing with anticipation to discover the next power. The game’s story builds up nicely, the further you get in the game, the thicker the story and the emotions get. With no multiplayer, does this game have any replay value. Yes! Like mentioned, you can either be a good guy or bad guy, so essentially you can play the game twice, once as a good guy, and another as an evil heartless monster. Of course a second or even third time visit to the game is a must to unlock all possible PSN trophies. From shards, healing, or eating energy, you will have plenty of ways to earn the very addicting PSN trophies. A quick tip: Take your time with the game, don’t try to rush through it, or you will easily get worn out. Playing for about 1 hour to 2 hours per sit-down will make this game much better, and the anticipation to play it the next day will be greater.

Wishes or Changes: A hovering device for Cole. Although there are many forms of transportation in the game, such as train rails, trains and electrical cables, a hovering device that would get Cole from point A to point B much would have been a great addition. Of course it might have defeated the purpose of climbing buildings.

TQ bottom line Michela Rating: An addicting experience that will remind of you of a game called crackdown, but on steroids. Great graphics, Electrifying powers, non-stop ambushes, a true connection to the character, incredible story, and best of all, the beginning to what could very well be a one of the best recognized franchises in gaming.


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inFamous PS3 Review :: Comments

Post on Mon Feb 01, 2010 1:23 am by maggot

i love storilines in my games... and godamn this is like a mix of freaking gta and a m night shamalan film hahaha i loved the story line in the game. Just mindblowing

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Post on Mon Aug 16, 2010 6:59 am by davidedgar04

Another very solid tutorial. Thank you. Not something I can use right now but I bookmarked for the future

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Post on Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:09 pm by V8SuperCars

Please note, that links to illegal DL of game or copies is not allowed on TQcast forum.


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Post on Tue Aug 17, 2010 6:13 pm by V8SuperCars

As a Plus member i DL the 8gig 1Hr demo of infamous, im yet to play the 1Hr full game trial, Im thinking of buying this game after i finish the trial with 4 Michelas rating, will have a read thru the review again, cheers Desz.

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