PS3 Wireless Keypad Review

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PS3 Wireless Keypad Review

PS3 Wireless Keypad Review
By V8SuperCars

The Chatpad is a nice looking product, again its in the classic PS3 style matt black with hi-gloss keys, its well built and very solid in feel, the mounting clip onto the PS3 controller is very neat and locks the Chatpad on the Control with ease and is a nice snug fit.

It features a full qwerty keypad, shoulder buttons for additional symbols, it also feature 3 buttons above the Pause and select bottoms, these 3 buttons are,
Messages (direct link to your message list),
Touch pad( turn the keypad into a touch sensitive pad to use as a mouse on the browser or flicking through the XMB, and a
Friends Button- linking you directly to your friends list.
The unit itself uses its own built in battery and is charged via the same usb cable you charge your PS3 pad, since it has its own battery power the chatpad can be used on its own if you don't want to have it attached to your controller for those long gaming sessions, this is a real neat feature of the unit.
Its works of the standard blu-tooth signal to your PS3.

The unit fits onto the top of the PS3 pad, using the pad to send messages is a joy, i have never had an issue with moving my hands onto the chatpad while holding the PS3 control to type a message.
The buttons on the pad, oh no this is were a great product does a little bit of a backflip, while its nice to feel and press the buttons, it does also have its downsides, the buttons are a little close together and they are shaped very flat, making it hard to know what key you are hitting, i think they have made the keys very flat and smooth as its also used as a mouse with its touch pad feature, the keys are also a little hard to press to get it to register a key stroke, this causes you to do a lot of back tracking cause you misses the letter d in dog or the letter a in gaming and so forth, while you do get use to this and the pad does to what it needs to and thats type messages a heck lot faster than the onscreen keyboard could ever, but its still not a perfect product and would have been getting maxim Michelas score if not let down by a few design flaws.
The Friends and Message buttons- Well what can i say these are perfect, a message pop on the screen "bla bla has sent you a message" a quick tap of the Message button instantly pauses the game your in(if game supports pause while in XMB), brings up the XMB, directly onto the message list, man this feature is good and love it, the same deal is with the friends button want to play a game online with a few close friends, hit the friends button and its showing who is online, so simple and effective.

For those who use the PS3 for the internet, this feature is a welcome addition, once you get the unit you have to calibrate it an uncelebrated touchpad its 100% un-usable, so make sure you calibrate it.
Once calibrated its ultra precise, its pics up hand movement not trouble and moves the mouse pointer onscreen without any effort at all, the small downside to this is that the touch pad feature has to be activated first with a tap of the touch pad button, this can get very annoying very quick, example of this is you turn on the touch pad you scroll over to google and click to type in your search all to find it will not type until you uncheck the touchpad button, you type your search in and hit enter all to find that on the next page you cannot scroll with your finger until you check the touchpad button again, in many cases its fine but its still something they could have tweaked, something Apple/Mac has done with its lineup of laptops and mouses, its kind of a hit and miss and while the technology is there to have an awesome product its also let down just that little bit.
The touchpad also works within the XMB, for those of you with a large number of music, movie or picture files its makes its a joy to flick your finger across the keypad to scroll down your music playlist like you using an Ipod touch or iPhone.

Battery life]
This thing last forever, i think i have only charged it once since i got it many months ago and it didn't even need a charge i just plug it in after my PS3 control was finished charging,
It has an on and off switch on the side of the unit, but it also features an auto off, after approx 10mins it will turn itself off an simple tap of any button will turn it back on and away you go typing again.
If had to say how long the battery lasts i would have to say something like months.

Final word
Great product for those of you who have a lot friends online an do a lot of message chatting, while not a perfect product its also not a bad product, if sony release a V2.0 with a few minor updates like backlight, more fluid keyboard presses and reduce the price this is an easy 5/5 peripheral and a must own, even with its slight flaws its still a must own if you have a large community of friends online and if you have to money to splash out.

TQ Flaws-
No back light.
Keypad presses sometimes don't register
Touchpad hit and miss features

TQ Positives-
So much better than onscreen keyboard
Light weight and not obstructing gameplay while using it
Dedicated Friends/Message buttons
Own Battery power with auto off.

Michela rating- 3/5
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