Official PS3 Wireless Headset Review

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Official PS3 Wireless Headset Review

Official PS3 Wireless Headset Review.

By V8SuperCars

I picked up an Official PS3 wireless headset on its launch day.
The headset itself is made in the same theme as the console and all other PS3 accessories, in that nice Matt Black with a very sexy looking headset dock included, its also made in the highest of quality, making it head and shoulders better built than a lot of cheaper and even more expensive headsets.

To connect to the console was very simple and there are 2 options to setup-
Each option has its pros and cons, but I will explain this for each options.
Option1- Connect the supplied USB cable into the top of the headset(not the dock) and the headset is connected and linked.
Doing it this way allows HQ mode(high Quality) audio setting to be turned on and off and also allows headset to charge on the dock while still using it(this can be done on option2 but does not work as well), when the headset is docked the audio from the headset speaker gets sent to your tvs/home theater output and boosts the audio of the mic so you can be sitting away from the mic and others can still hear you clear.
When the headset is synced this way it also displays onscreen the headset status such as Battery level, mute/un-mute, speaker level and what quality audio is on (HQ or standard) a simple press and release of the power button will flash up all this status on the top right of the screen, the same sort of box that displays your controller status or if someone signs in etc.
The downside to this setup is that you cannot turn the mic level up or down its pre-set to level 3 or off and its meant to do this automatically from my understanding, turning HQ quality off will allow you to set the echo control(from the accessories menu hit triangle when on the headset option, then settings and calibrate echo control) this setting will make sure others cannot hear your TV and others around the room once calibrated.

Option 2- Manual sync, the same way you would with any blue-tooth headset to pair 2 devices, Press and hold down the power button until it starts flashing and the red ring around the big Mute button lights up, then on the PS3 go to Settings tab, head to Accessories setting, go to Manage Blue tooth devises then click “register new devices” enter the pass code for the handset (0000) and its connected.
Doing it this way allows for adjustment of mic levels from 1 to 5 and echo control settings, the down side is it does not show up the headset status, HQ quality mode is gone and when docked you manually have to go into the menu and change the audio output to the TV if you need to use it while charging, there is also a little conflict when its docked and the console is on causing it to not connect sometimes, having to go into the menu of the PS3 and manually connect the headset.

It was a breeze to set up and use both ways, the headset comes with 2 size ear fittings that just clip on and off the headset, so it will fit small to large size heads/ears without any trouble.

Sound Quality
The sound on the headset is far more clear than any headset i have use (Motorolla, Jabbra) its far more crisp and voices don't sound as muffled.
The noise canceling works ok but voices can be heard around the room when HQ(High Quality) is turned on, as this does not allow you to adjust the sound level of the mic.
The headset range is also good, i have been able to walk around the house and continue a voice conversation over PSN without no trouble.

There is 4 buttons on the headset
-Power button: Holding the power in for a about 2 sec will turn the headset on a further 5 sec or more will turn the headset off(docking the headset will also turn it off instantly)
-Mute: (big button on the face of the headset) Pressing this button will mute and un-mute the Headset, the great thing with this is that when you mute the headset it will display it on the screen with a audio beep in your ear every few secs to indicate you are on mute.
-Vol+ and Vol – Buttons are located on the edge of the headset and just adjust the volume up and down of the ear piece.
The earpiece is also light weight and comfortable to use for hrs on end, I have never had a case of it hurting my ear or having to swap from one ear to the next, it just sits on the ear and you don’t know its their until you have to take it off.

Battery life
Battery life on the headset if excellent, im not 100% sure on how long the headset lasts for? Sony claims 8Hrs on the box, but I can use it for days and days before it needs a recharge, the included dock makes charging not a hassle looking for cables to plug into the power to charge it like other headset, its as simple as docking it and its done.
The PS3 also has a battery level indicator on it for the headset making it easy to check when it may need a recharge.

Final word
Another great PS3 product to hit the shelves, I have been waiting to get my hands on a dedicated wireless headset ever since the PS3 launched and the wait was worth it.

While not a ground breaking product it just does what it needs to well, with the addition of HQ quality for gaming, built in settings to the hardware displaying status onscreen and the inclusion of a Dock for easy re-charging and even using while its charging for those days you forgot to put it on the charge is a welcome addition to a wireless headset.
This headset can also be used on your mobile phone if needed.

Its well worth the money, works great, what are you waiting for grab it and enjoy your time on PSN with friends even more.

Total Score- 4/5 Michelas.
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