Natal the end for Hardcore gamers

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Natal the end for Hardcore gamers

Hey guys just read this write up from VG Arabia about natal, from my perspective i think this article nails it.

Let me know what you guys think?

Last year at E3 2009, Microsoft showed its new control free peripheral (project Natal) to the whole world. Just after they had demonstrated some casual games like Ricochet and the infamous Milo, the gaming world went crazy and Natal had become the next big thing and the talk of the media and videogames experts.

Then, the E3 buzz cooled down and gamers started to wonder if all of the buzz surrounding Natal was in place. Some gamers said it’s revolutionary, while others said it’s an Eye Toy with a new paint, and a lot of people were in the grey area; waiting patiently for Microsoft to show something that Justifies all of the talk about Natal. Guess what? Grey is my favorite color when someone discusses Natal with me.

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