Gamefly Responds to Blockbuster's Games via Mail

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Gamefly Responds to Blockbuster's Games via Mail

About a week or so ago I heard about Blockbuster renting games and movies now. I really haven't had anything to do with Blockbuster because there are so many other services I can go to for movies and I am really only interested in getting games anyways. So when I heard about this I was a bit interested because I have been a Gamefly customer for only 7 months now. The service is a bit pricey but I have enjoyed the services and speed at which I get my games here in Florida.

That all changed when I saw that for $17 I could rent 3 games by mail from Blockbuster. Understand, I have been paying $24 (tax included) for 2 games a month for the past 7 months. I consider Blockbuster originally, but they didn't have Demon Soul's and Gamefly did so I went with them. Well I own Demon Soul's now, but I have still been satisfied with the services because of the reason I mentioned above. But I couldn't ignore this Blockbuster deal so I email Gamefly about this and this is what they replied with:

Response (Joshua P)08/24/2010 01:07 PM

Thank you for your
inquiry and for your loyalty to GameFly over the last six months. We
believe GameFly offers a significantly better video game rental
experience. First, with our 7,000 titles versus Blockbuster’s 3,000, we
provide a wider assortment of games for you to enjoy. Second, we offer
games for handheld devices while our research indicates Blockbuster does
not. Finally, we rent new games on their release date while our
research indicates that Blockbuster does not offer online rentals until
at least 100 days after the release date.

We hope you continue
your membership with GameFly so we can continually provide you with the
highest level of service. Please let us know if we can be of further


The GameFly Team
Online help:
In short, because they offer so many wonderful titles they will continue their same price structure and I should feel fortunate to do business with them. Well I don't and I will be doing the 2 week Blockbuster trial to see if they are any good. If there service is good than GameFly can keep there 7000 games that I will never play and I will be moving on to Blockbuster's "limited" 3000 titles.

Also, can anyone tell me if it is true that "Blockbuster does not offer online rentals until
at least 100 days after the release date." Because somehow I doubt it but If this is true than I probably will stick with GameFly.

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