7 Most Extreme Game Controllers Ever

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7 Most Extreme Game Controllers Ever

1 – Boot Fetish Pong controllers

Have you been a bit naughty? Yes, we thought so. This kinky
boot-fetish Pong controller will smack some sense into you. Devised by a
British inventor with a taste for the bizarre, this masochistic
two-player device lets you and a pal engage in a standard game of pong –
by groping a stiletto-heeled black leather boot. Miss the ball, and
you’ll have to taste the whip. Each point scored causes an electrical
impulse to trigger a hearty whack to your opponent, delivered by a
motorized riding crop. Nice.

Above: Photos from BBC News
Oddly enough, this is quite possibly the least dangerous or
potentially fatal of James Larsson’s peculiar DIY gaming inventions,
which seem to frequently involve high voltages and other
life-threatening hazards. However, if a moderate whack isn’t enough to
deliver the punishment you so desperately desire, a “severity of whip”
dial lets you up the dosage of physical discipline. Somehow, we think
this one’s not likely destined for the mass gaming market any time soon.

2 – Emotiv’s Epoc Mind Control Headset

These are not the droids you’re looking for. Well, not quite.
Gaming’s future may very well become less of a hands-on experience and
more of a minds-on activity, if the Emotiv corporation’s cool hardware
venture is a success. The company’s freakishly cutting-edge, über-chic
Epoc headset lets you control videogames with your thoughts and
expressions. As weird as it sounds, it actually works. The headset
device measures the electrical impulses from your brain as well as
facial movements and translates that into control input that ties
directly into games and computer applications. You may look a little
funny wearing it, but who doesn’t want to be a virtual Jedi?

Imagine furrowing your brow and clenching your hand into a clawed
fist to make your onscreen character leap forward and shred a foe to
bits. Intense thought and minor physical movements, like pointing your
hand to direct a rock to float off the ground and mentally willing it to
do so, actually work in true Force-like fashion with the unit. It’s
very cool, and has our minds racing with the limitless possibilities.

3 – PediSedate

Hey kids, feel like getting loopy? Distraction, comfort, and
sedation: we dig the motto. This unwieldy-looking plastic medical tool
could very well make playing the old-school Game Boy actually fun again.

Essentially a strange cross between a pair of headphones and an
underwater breathing snorkel, the PediSedate connects to any old Game
Boy and delivers a steady stream of nitrous oxide to the patient/player
while also monitoring respiratory functions. It was, and possibly still
is, only really used in the pediatric offices of doctors and dentists to
help kids stop from freaking out about getting poked and prodded, but
imagine the potential recreational applications. Good luck getting your
hands on one of these babies and a tank of nitrous to go with
it, though.

4 – The Paradox Mouse

What can you make out of old 9mm bullet shells, scraps of wood,
various metal doodads, a few rusted gears, some electrical wiring, and
the bones of one very dead rodent? The most badass steampunk PC mouse
ever built, that’s what. This actual, working PC mouse was custom made
by a highly talented steampunk hobbyist to match an equally insane
computer monitor and keyboard he cooked up.

The grisly design incorporates the actual dried-out shoulder blades,
tail bone, spinal column, and hollowed-out skull from a once-living
mouse. For that extra-creepy vibe, the skull lights up in a demonic red
hue from embedded LED lights. Now that’s our kind of PC mouse. Pro-tip:
to make your own, you apparently have to soak the animal bone in warm
water for a short time to soften the tendons and bend it into place. If
medieval necromancers played videogames, this is how they’d pimp out
their rig.

5 – 3rd Space Gaming Vest and HTX Helmet

Popping off people’s heads and spraying explosive shrapnel everywhere
in increasingly realistic first-person shooters can be intensely
thrilling, but simply playing these games isn’t stimulating enough for
some hardcore gamers. To remedy this, TN Games created a device that
simulates what it’s like to be punched, stabbed, shot, gored,
eviscerated, exploded, and otherwise bludgeoned with devastating virtual
weaponry. The 3rd Space Gaming Vest looks like a flak jacket, and
delivers a solid body-pummeling experience when connected to your PC
system and used while playing first-person shooters. Oh hell yeah.

Anytime you’re hit in the game while wearing the vest, a small but
forceful impact jabs you in one or more of eight possible corresponding
regions. It’s all powered by an air compressor. While it doesn’t really
hurt, it can be a bit jarring to have your guts violently kneaded like
dough any time an opponent shoves a high-powered rocket down your
throat. For players who want the full-body experience, an HTX Helmet is
in the works. There’s nothing quite like getting shot in the head for

6 – Giant NES controller

Australian youth Kyle Downes possesses a coffee table some might kill
for. It’s a giant, fully functioning NES controller that doubles as a
games storage bin.

The lad, who was finishing up his degree at RMIT at the time, built
the massive thing on his own from scratch. It took four months of
intensive work on the project to complete, and it cost about $100 in
materials to make. The best part is that it plugs into any NES, so you
can attempt to play your favorite retro games in grand style. It also
gives the phrase “button mashing” much more significance. Excuse us
while we clean the drool off our keyboards.

7 – The PainStation

Videogame controllers aren’t usually designed to make you bleed. This
one is. A diabolical tabletop creation forged by two German artists,
The PainStation lets players inflict potentially harsh injuries upon
their opponents. And it’s all under the guise of a friendly but
competitive game of Pong. The game won’t start until both players place
their hands over the Pain Execution Unit sensors on each side of the
flat, table-like metallic cabinet, and it doesn’t end until the pain
inflicted is enough to cause a player to remove their hand.

During play, the ball will come into contact with randomly placed
symbols representing different kinds of pain, like heat, electric
shocks, and physical blows. The table then delivers each flavor of
punishment the ball touches accordingly. Judging from some of the images
of battle scars obtained through extended play, this evil machine is a
real beast.

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7 Most Extreme Game Controllers Ever :: Comments

Post on Tue Mar 02, 2010 6:36 pm by bigmangriff

I really want that mouse. The painstation may be a fun one to have too. Actually all of them would be kinda cool to have in one way or another.

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Post on Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:54 pm by Kosamus

Steel Battalion for Xbox was always one crazy $200 controller

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Post on Mon Mar 08, 2010 5:56 pm by yodathe3rd

the vest and helmet one i tried at a convention it was fun kind of like a back massage they didn't have the helmet but it was fun to use.

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Post on Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:11 pm by Michael56

These are crazy, some of these controllers look like they could have been in a Saw movie!

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