Bonjour TQfamille

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Bonjour TQfamille

What is up Fam, as you might now I help around the forums, and i am very happy to be part of TQcast.
I roam on the PSN: Denoch and on Live with gamer tag: PlayAndSkills,
I live in Dallas and im currently in school for my criminal justice degree.
I love games, my favorite past time and one of my favorites hobbies.
i am also a trophy and achievement whore.

Name: Denoch
Age: 24
Nationality: Mexican/Italian/American born in USA
Location: Dallas, TX, USA

First system owned: SNES
Favorite system: PS3
Favorite game: Metal Gear Solid 4
Favorite movie: Fight Club
Favorite album: Stabbing Westward: Darkest Days
Favorite TV Show (at the moment): Chuck
Favorite Soft Drink: Dr.Pepper
Favorite Tequila: Casadorez
Favorite PC Operating System: Windows 7 Home
Favorite Gadget: 5th Generation iPod
Favorite Podcast other than TQcast: BMI LIVE, the Couch Mercenaries, the Gamesmen,Gaming Uncensored, Fanboys, Gamehounds, and Some other castle.
Blue Agave
Blue Agave

Number of posts : 239
Location Dallas Tx
XBL Tag PlayAndskills
Preferred System : PS3
Age : 108
Registration date : 2010-01-08

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