MGS4 Character Models and making ***WARNING 56k***

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MGS4 Character Models and making ***WARNING 56k***

Hey Yallll,

Come across this site, its prob more for the tech heads but an awesome
read just to know how they make games and more so how MGS4 PWNS this
gen in graphics.

TOM1111 will know what i mean as this game is just stupid in graphics.

LINK to full Article

What im going to post up is something more enjoyable to the less tech
heads and a series of pictures on how this game was made, the amount of
work and detail in the game and special effect added to make look so

Quick INFO-
Game taken 3.5year to make using over 100 3D production, plus 180 staff, plus 40 programmers WTF

Face Model uses 10,000 Polygons (yes that just the face only not the whole character head or body) I know WTF

21 joint bones were used that contained animation data and were
activated through these data. But many auxiliary bones were also used
to supplement movements such as the twisting of knees, elbows, legs and

One of the main features of MGS4 is its world-class facial animation. How did the team create such realistic facial expressions?

Expressions, phonemes, eyes (and eyebrows) and shader wrinkle all animated

Video on Facial movement ingame

Facial textures- WTF incredible
They used every type of texture in the game

Motion capture
The total number of motions is 1,700 just for Snake and 4,800 for
enemies (such as regular PMC or militia soldiers). And when including
the boss characters and facial animation, the total number of motions
in the game is about 10,800

Detail of items and machines

Bike Detail

Environments- (Simply Stunning)

Background data in the concept map stage that was submitted from the script group.

Background data with initial stage corrections added by the background group.

The final modeling stage.
Texture setting and detailed modeling is performed in parallel.

Collision model data.
These are quite rough data that are used as reference for players, enemies, animals or vehicles.

The final image on the PS3

Camo Textures

How cool is this, his active camo on the grass and bricks on his suit is just breathtaking.


Lighting calculation points-

Before lighting

After Lighting

Blur Effects

This game does it better than any other i have ever played, there is so
much going on in MGS4, in the background war is happening so gunshots,
grenades, bombs, tankers and bots are firing away cause massive
explosions that shack your screen the blur build the game so much to
make you feel you are there.




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