Discussion about PS3 Communities and Friendships

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Discussion about PS3 Communities and Friendships

I just wanted to know what others think and how they feel about this, maybe a good write up for TQwriters.

If some of you read i got Boarderlands for PS3, and im not sure to keep? the game is said be be even better when online playing with friends.

While i have alot of friends on PSN and loads of TQfam on my friends list, i do feel meeting friends to play online on PS3 alot harder, most friends i have met online i would play with once, have such a great time chatting and gaming on for hrs, but after that they never come back online, or if they do its for mins and play something else, never join in games, invite to game, send message etc

Thinking back on 360 the communities are raging, whenever i use to jump online invites would come from every direction with loads of unread message etc,
While i dont judge that PSN is not great and not saying there is no one online its always busy online on PS3, it seems like with the extra effort it takes to add a friend, or invite a friend to a game or have a voice chat has made the PS3 community not so strong?

Anyone else felt this way? could the new Premium service change the PS3 in terms of more community features and bring friends together.....easer?

I love my PS3 and game on in way more than 360, and its not to slag any 1 console here just want to know what TQfams think of this?

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Discussion about PS3 Communities and Friendships :: Comments

Post on Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:58 pm by bigmangriff

I have just a few friends on my list, mainly TQfam and the such. Sure it would nice to have in-game chat, and talk to desz/simon/juice/pat/lit... while they play one game and I play another, but this is not truly the selling point. if you want to socialize you have Home. Now I see Home becoming the new XMB here real soon. Where when you login, you are taken straight in to Home. Once this happens I think you will see a jump in the social aspect like with the 360. Till then look for everything to stay the same.

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Post on Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:45 am by TheL1T1G4T0R

I totally hope that bigmangriff is right. I would love to use HOME as my new XMB since I keep it connected to the Internet all the time anyway.

However, check sites like psnfriends.com. They have a large group of gamers who are fans of specific games. We have a page over there that I need to go and update anyway.

BTW...thanks for the article idea. I've been trying to decide what to write next. This will give me something to think about other than justifying piracy.

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