Play-Asia Importing Info

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Play-Asia Importing Info

Hello all,

Had alot of questions about importing games since FF13, here is as much info as i can give about purchasing from them.

Im setting this thread up as i found Play-Asia' service to be absolutely fantastic, i'll give all of you a rundown on my purchase below.
I have also setup a affiliates account with Play-Asia, so if any of you are interested in picking up a few games please click the following link to purchase items (or even if you just want to see what they have), like wise if any of you setup an affiliates account when i make my next purchase i can click your link and it will give 12% of the sale price in store credit for you to use on our next purchase.

1st class, Just to make it clear i dont buy online at all, always worried about buying online and things going wrong etc, this is first place i have purchased from online and i am happy to buy from them all the time and recommend, the website is setout perfect, easy to search and most of all easy to understand pricing as its listed in US price and in brackets your local price.

My first order was GT5 prologue and a white Dual Shock 3 controller, my account was created at the checkout and was a breeze to do, once you have selected your items, it will ask you your shipping method, there are many options from $3.00usd shipping around 2weeks, up to $20USD for fast postage and by fast i mean fast, i ordered GT5P and DS3 at 11am using Fedex delivery, and it arrived at 2pm next day, totally Shocked and as such i missed my pick up as i was thinking it will only arrive next week from overseas, this is perfect service in my book.
Once you have placed your order Play-asia will send you an email of the transaction, follow by another email once shipped that only took about 2hrs before Fedex picked it up, in that second email they also give a tracking number (if you use the fast postage method fedex, UPS etc) you then can look on and it lets you know where the product is at, it lists everything its increadable eg left playasia depo 1pm, in transit at HK airport 3pm, Arrived at local airport 10pm, clearing customs 11pm, in local Fedex depo 9am and gives an estimate time of arrive (idot i am thought it was a joke that it was already in Australia on the fedex site and missed my package lol) was Very sad to see a note of a missing package.
The whole experience with Play-asia was great and left a nice sweet taste in my mouth that forsure.
My purchase of FF13, GOW Collection and a blue Dual Shock 3 was ordered Saturday 3pm my time, at 3.30pm email arrived that the order had been shipped, at 6pm got email with tracking number, 6am Sunday morning package was in Australian customs, Monday morning was dispatched to Fedex depo and delivered, now keep in mind this was ordered on Sat so i didnt even expect it to leave play-asia until monday and the biggest hit was it was the week of Xmas, so was not expecting to get the stuff until next year with Xmas delays etc. but 2 days later im playing my games.
I have tried all shipping methods from $3 to paying $20 and all have been perfect, the cheap method does take longer but only by a few days, infact it one order arrived after only 3days using this method, but this might depend on your country customs and procedures, if you super impatient like me then you will always pay a little extra for shipping, and from what i heard gets thru customs very fast unlike standard post LOL.

I have bought about 15 games and other stuff like controllers and accessories from play-asia and not once has an order been stuffed up or delayed, just make sure you order items "in stock", if 1 item is not in stock they will wait until it is before they ship all items.

Payment method-
You have many options to pay, there is credit card, PayPal, and transaction via bank, they even have a local bank accounts setup in different countries to make it easier.
And after weeks and weeks of searching the net i am yet to find bad stories of Play-Asia service, the worst i read was 3 to 4 weeks delay during xmas time using the cheap method of post, so its the safest way to shop online for your games.
The site runs hacker free software and is scanned constantly, also users a secure connection.

Games run down-
Ok this is mostly for the PS3 owners (and DS owners) as they are 100% region free for PS3 games, i have heard few game are region locked like Bayonet but when tested they are region free, just check play-asia specs its lets you know if its region locked.
Warning- 360 games, Wii Games, DVDs, Blu-rays are region locked if you from USA you can purchase US version on most things but if you buy Asian version it my be locked check before you order
The site shows what region the game is and what language the game runs in along with any other info that may be needed.
Purchasing games overseas is not so bad after much research the main thing to look out for is if the online servers are worldwide or lock to a region this was mainly when PS3 launch as all games now have open world wide servers nothing worse than buy a US or Japan version of a game to find you cannot play your local friends, apart from that its safe to buy, if you buy Japan games all you need is a Jap account and for download packs simply purchase a PSN gift card from Play-Asia (like the itune card or 360 giftcards) enter this into your PS3 Jap account and the money is yours to spend away on DL packs, but this is only if you want to buy DL packs for it, other than that you never need a Japan account or anything extra to play the games online or offline.
Please note that a Japan version will not be able to play USA Download packs, i dont buy to many DL packs so its does not bother me, but games that i might buy DL packs i buy local like say MW2 or UC2 etc

Im not to sure if you guys will save much money, but for us in Aus games cost around $100 to $120, when buying from play-asia and our Dollar is strong im purchasing most games at half what i pay, most games are listed at about $40 to $60USD, eg i payed $39USD ($43AUD) for GOW collection the game is not even out in Aus until next year and i would have to pay $110 for it when it does come out, I remember i ordered NBA08 for $29USD ($33AU) The game was not even launched in Aus for another 2months and was retail for $100 LOL, on that order i got blazing angles, NHL 2k8, Warhawk all for $122 including shipping plus i had a discount coupon for $5USD off so come down to $115 for games, at my door in 3 days using standard shipping.
The only game i didnt save money on was FF13, its listed at $89USD at the end of the day i broke even to local pricing with shipping but have the game some 3 to 6months early.

This one i cannot answer for all but for AUS, anything under $1000 (including shipping) is exempt from a levy and GST, and a straight pass through customs, check your local customs or google search it from others who import from your country.

If anyone would like more info on buying from Play-Asia let me know here or even PM, its a very pleasant experience that will save you alot of money and be at your doorstep with in days.

Oh and please click the link above if you do buy anything from them as this will save us money on future purchases.

Below is an image with some items to checkout when purchasing from play-asia,
Sorry about the quality, when i compressed the image size to fit forum it went all dull, but you should get the idea of what im pointing out.

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